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Meet Your Maker – The Vine

Have you ever felt like living the Christian life was just too hard?  I mean, you’re supposed to love everyone, be kind to your enemies, and forgive those who hurt you.  Then there’s the command to give generously, pray continually, live righteously, and sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.  How is it possible to do any one of […]

Meet Your Maker – The Resurrection & Life

Heavy clouds hung low in the gloomy sky as she turned her back to leave her brother for the last time. She couldn’t help but notice how the weather mirrored her swirling emotions. Sorrow was thick and confusion draped low in her heart in a way she’d never felt before. She was more than sad. […]

Meet Your Maker – The Door

John chapter 9 opens with the story of Jesus healing a man born blind.  Soon after the incident, the teachers of the Law step into investigate the situation and interrogate the adult man who was healed and his parents.  After a heated exchange, he was ejected from the temple by the self-righteous and stubborn Pharisees.  […]

Meet Your Maker – The Good Shepherd

My husband, Clif, loves science fiction.  It’s been an interest since he was a kid, which means he was a devoted fan of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and attended multiple viewings of Star Wars, way back in 1977.  (We make a great match because I like sci-fi too, by the way!)   He […]