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Beneath the Surface

Recently, I was working through a Bible study I was to deliver to a class on the first chapter of Joshua, and quickly discovered that there was more to learn than just an understanding of historical facts. To grasp the tension of Joshua’s commissioning as the man to lead Israel into the Promised Land, you really […]

The Main Thing

This past week we gathered with 22 family members and friends to enjoy a wonderful celebration. After the feast concluded, the crowd splintered into smaller groups that shape in various places around our house. Three or four gathered around the television to watch the football game. Two sat at the counter to catch up on the […]

Imagine That!

I was flipping through the television channels the other evening and happened to stop for a minute on an infomercial.  On the screen were beautiful people extolling the virtues of their amazing product. Featured in attractive lighting and on polished sets, they demonstrated its versatility, explained its durability and lauded its affordability. The more I […]

Preparing for the Unknown: 4 Lessons from Joshua

My favorite teacher in elementary school was Ms. Sharon. She sported a cool shag haircut and large tortoise shell framed glasses. Almost every day she would wear one of her many a mod-print mini dresses along with tan go-go boots. That may seem a little over the top, but it was 1972, so she was right […]