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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Three years in to Jesus’ ministry on earth, the disciples must have felt that they’d found their groove. Except for the predicable run-ins with the visionless religious leaders in the city, Jesus was wildly popular, well-known and gaining more and more influence with the common people in the community. His entrance into Jerusalem practically hailed […]

Running Smoothly

Our lawn mower was recently out of commission for about 2 ½ weeks.  It didn’t need a major repair, (the pull cord had snapped and needed replacing) but that was enough to take it out of service. Predictably, with the warmer weather and gentle rains of spring, the grass (and weeds) in our backyard quickly grew out of control. Clif finally got the new cord installed this past […]

Famous Last Words: Complete

We always enjoy having guests over to our house. The fresh faces and conversation are a welcome change of pace, and this past weekend was no exception. So, of course, the days before their arrival were filled with preparation and much needed cleaning. In an attempt to spread out the workload, I gave each of […]