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Giving Thanks When Your Plate Seems Empty

In 1621, the settlers who colonized the eastern coast of North America and the native Wampanoag people came together to share food and friendship, and to express gratitude to God for His provision and protection. This gathering is widely acknowledged as the first recorded Thanksgiving among the English speaking settlers. The tradition caught on and […]

Understanding Adversity

“IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” Haven’t you felt the sting of those words when they are directed at you?  Maybe you even hear them come at you in your own voice. Whether spoken or implied, the meaning is the same:  “You are the reason for your own suffering.” While there are many times that we do […]

Life Beyond

“If someone dies, will they live again?” (Job 14:14) This question posed by Job in the depths of his suffering is far from unique to him. People on every continent, in every era, and in every station of life have wonder about the same thing:  Is death the end? Or is there something beyond? How […]