Rivers of Living Water?

We heat our house with a wood burning stove, so that means that we have to keep a supply of fire wood on hand. It’s also means that we have to do a fair amount of splitting (we own a gas powered-splitter, by the way) and stacking wood too.  So, last week, Clif and I spent one evening stacking and storing the last load of firewood for next winter. But I’m not as young as a used to be so when we were finished, I was tired! So I went directly to the kitchen for a couple of tall glasses of water.  And once the last cup was drained, I started to feel better. Refreshed and recharged!

A basic biology class will remind you that our bodies are made up of around 60% water. For individual organs, the percentage can be higher putting water composition of your brain and heart at 73%, lungs at about 83%. muscles and kidneys at around 79%, and even something as dense as bone still has more water than you might expect (30%) All those mildly interesting facts just remind us how necessary water is to sustain life.

You know, Jesus applied that reality to the spiritual realm and in his conversation with the woman at the well, went so far as to describe His followers as having “rivers of living water (flowing) from within them.” (John 7:38) And mostly, I like that description. I enjoy imagining what it would be like to have an unending supply of peace, love, joy, contentment … LIFE gushing forth in abundance. But often my reality doesn’t really resemble a plentiful flow. There are days when things seem more like a dry river bed or a slowing moving tributary rather than a fast-flowing river of sustenance. Oh sure, there are times of surplus, but they don’t seem to last for long enough and then the parched land underneath seems to beg for more refreshment.

But an image of lack and sparseness isn’t the picture Jesus painted for us. His gifts to us aren’t stingy or miserly, but instead He promises full, overflowing excessive bounty.  When He described life with Him as full and overflowing, that’s exactly what He meant.

So, what if instead of doubting Christ’s words or dismissing them as tired metaphors, we, as His children, really began to believe that abundance is provided?

What if we looked for ‘rivers of living water’ to manifest themselves and actively began to remove obstructions to the flow of what is ours in Christ?

What if we trusted the Spirit within us to produce what we cannot do ourselves and boldly gave ourselves to be used as He wills?

Could we then actually begin to live lives of refreshment, drawn from the inexhaustible well of the life of God?

Maybe it’s time for us to stop evaluating ourselves based on what we see in our circumstances and trusting what we feel in our emotions and start to actively live out of what is promised to us by our supernatural Savior.

Only then will we see our lives changes, families impacted, and become useful for making His way “known on the earth, and (His) salvation among all nations. (Ps 67:2)

15 thoughts on “Rivers of Living Water?

  1. Beautifully said, as usual, Karen! “He promises full, overflowing excessive bounty.” Yes! Give me some of that! I am in constant need of His refreshing. So thankful His supply is inexhaustible!

  2. I just read that Culligan Water is considered 99% pure from their filtering process.

    As you pointed out in your blog, Holy Spirit is our filter. We can try to filter out the impurities, but when the living waters become murky in the end, we’ve failed once more. I hate to fail!

    Thank you, Holy Spirit for you infinite filtration process in my life and thank you, Karen, for your analogy.

  3. Amen, Sister! I spend so much of my time trying to conjure up some living water. How ridiculous! He already lives inside me. Thanks for reminding me to simply have faith in what Jesus said.

  4. beautiful post indeed. first of all. I love your writing skills .. beautiful. I also love it when you say that what if we could stop evaluating our lives according to our circumstances. I believe we live in an era where we are controlled by our feelings more having to live according to what the Lord wants of us. your post is really beautiful. thank you

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Ronald! and you are right… feelings dominate thinking and blot out faith. We as His children have to move beyond our emotions that so often prove unreliable. Turn to truth and rest in Him.

  5. What a blessing to know that His living water never runs out! And, His grace is all-sufficient! Thank you for this encouragement and also the encouragement you left at my blog. God bless you, Karen!

  6. It’s easy to fall into the ‘I’m deprived’ trap when things don’t go our way. Thank you for the reminder that all we need is just a prayer away (in abundance).

    1. Faith causes us to look at God. Fear causes us to look at our circumstances. the 2 don’t go together. Thanks for reminding us to pray and ‘look up’!

  7. Thank you for sharing these Scriptures and thoughts filled with such truth. The Lord has used “The Woman at the Well” Scriptures so often throughout my life, and I needed this reminder tonight. Especially these words touched me for the season I am in now: “What if we trusted the Spirit within us to produce what we cannot do ourselves and boldly gave ourselves to be used as He wills?” Blessings to you!

    1. The interaction between Jesus and that woman has been pivotal in my walk with the Lord too. I’m glad you were encouraged and challenged to give yourself more fully to Jesus! Thanks for sharing that with me!

  8. Enjoyed your post Karen…keeping the flow of the Spirit is so important…even in the times of drought, which do come to us all…I had just experienced one such season in my spiritual life…

    You are most welcome to drop by with your favorite beverage & tasty treat for a time of reflection together.

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