Monthly Archives: September 2015

“Whipping Boy”

I was recapping college sports scores with some friends earlier this week and eventually got around to a few of Saturday’s more lopsided contests. As the discussion continued, noting that one team had been routed so soundly, I joking said that the losers were the “whipping boy” for the winners. Quite unexpectedly the conversation then turned […]

Something More

New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady has dominated the sporting news recently. Even people who care nothing about football know at least a little about the post Super Bowl mayhem known as Deflate-gate. Accused of being a part of knowingly playing with under inflated footballs in the 2014 AFC Championship game, Brady was initially handed […]

Consider the Morning Glories…

Morning Glories! They greet me every time I go out to our garden these days. To the casual passerby, it might seem like the purple and red flowering plants are attractive and even beautiful, but a closer inspection would reveal a different story. That’s because they have taken over virtually my whole garden! I realize that […]