Monthly Archives: July 2014

“Hang in there! You can do it!”

How many times have you heard that? Maybe someone said it to “encourage” you when you were facing an exceptionally tough situation. Or maybe it was you who said it hoping to “bless” someone else. I know it’s usually intended as positive inspiration to push you forward so that you won’t give up… A kind of “one […]

Preparing for the Unknown: 4 Lessons from Joshua

My favorite teacher in elementary school was Ms. Sharon. She sported a cool shag haircut and large tortoise shell framed glasses. Almost every day she would wear one of her many a mod-print mini dresses along with tan go-go boots. That may seem a little over the top, but it was 1972, so she was right […]

Broken Down, but Not Stuck

My family just returned from a trip to North Carolina to visit my parents, where we had a wonderful time cooking out and playing at their lake house to celebrate the the Fourth of July. The weather was nearly perfect. Sunny and just hot enough to remind us that it was summer. But thanks to uncharacteristically low humidity and light breezes (courtesy […]